Makeup Artistry 101

Welcome to Makeup Artistry 101. Makeup 101 is a self-paced, 10-lesson class packed full of makeup history, application techniques and tips which will get you started on becoming a professional makeup artist. Starter makeup kit provided upon enrollment.

Whether you wish to become a professional freelance artist or just want to learn how to apply makeup, NOMA Makeup Academy is for you. Compare at thousands for makeup classes throughout the country and you'll agree.

How it Works

Course Description:

Makeup Artistry 101 is an online training course designed to teach you how to apply today's most requested looks (red lip, smoky eye, wedding, etc.) and how to set your rates and more.

What you will need:

1. A working email account

2. Basic makeup supplies

3. Digital Camera

Subjects Covered:

A. The history of makeup

B. How to build your makeup kit & portfolio

C. How to apply for wedding, red lip, smoky eye and other popular looks

D. How to set your rates

E. On-set etiquette & attire

F. Tips & techniques from the pros

G. Breakdown of brushes

...and much more!

Videos Links Included

Learn step-by-step how to re-create your favorite looks via videos links.

SAMPLE VIDEO - How to Create the Perfect Red Lip by Vanessa Dunn

Please see next column for information regarding enrollment.


Upon completing the Makeup 101 Membership Form students will receive Course Materials and Chapter Assignments. This includes 10 Chapters jam-packed with everything you will need to know become a professional makeup artist.

You will also be sent a starter makeup kit to help you get started. Please note that kit may not be exactly as shown due to availability.


There will be (9) review tests completed at your own pace, and one final examination.

You will have (6) months to complete the course which will allow you to proceed at your own pace. Passing grade is combined total of 70%.

Upon Completion:

Students will earn NOMA Certification recognized industry wide.

Personal NOMA makeup artist webpage for instant national exposure

Makeup jobs will come right to your email

Graduates eligible to become Featured Artist on NOMA’s homepage

2013 Enrollment Status:

Classes begin the Monday following your enrollment.

How much does it cost?

NOMA Academy is an online training program that includes everything above for a one-time fee of only $349

May International students enroll?

Yes, all International students are welcome. Students will receive everything US students receive, including the starter kit at no additional charge.

Enroll Now:

For questions please contact our Customer Service Department at academy@nomausa.com.